1. The Regulations define the rules for the use of the online shop NAH-NU, orders, sales of goods and principles of entering into sales contract according to the terms of Article 71 of the Civil Code and according with The Terms of Regulations.
2. The owner of the shop NAH-NU, which runs on the website is company NAH-NU Katarzyna Skorek, registered address at Bandtkiego Street 3/1, 30-129 Krakow, Poland; has NIP EU: PL6782877653.
3. Administrator of personal data is the company NAH-NU Katarzyna Skorek.
4. In matters relating to the offered goods, questions or opinions you can contact by email at: or by phone please dial +48 606387035 Monday to Friday in hours: 9.30-17.00.
1. Online shop NAH-NU runs commercial activity through website and allows you to purchase commodities through an electronic network. The sales contract is concluded between the user of the shop NAH-NU called the Customer and the company NAH-NU Katarzyna Skorek (abbreviated NAH-NU).
2. Anybody who uses NAH-NU shop prohibits the use of all content posted on the NAH-NU shop for any personal use. All photos and descriptions presented on the belong to the company NAH-NU Katarzyna Skorek and are protected by copyright. It is forbidden to use them without the knowledge and consent of NAH-NU.
3. NAH-NU shop takes all due care to ensure that the content of the offered products as accurately as possible corresponds to reality. The presented photos of products may differ from the received order. NAH-NU shop is not responsible for any differences resulting from individual settings of the customer's computer monitor, which may cause differences in the color, shade, proportion or texture of the goods. Such discrepancies cannot be the cause of any complaints and returns.
4. Photos and descriptions do not constitute an offer under the law.
1. The basis of The Sales Contract is to choose Commodities from NAH-NU shop offer, followed by their colour, sizes and amounts, by adding them to the ''Bag". In sequence, properly fill out the form that appears during the placing the order with the Customer's data and shipping data and in sequence pay for the order.
2. Placing an order on a particular item by the customer constitutes acceptance of the herein Terms and Conditions.
3. After ordering, Customer receives a confirmation of the order being accepted via e-mail, to the provided e-mail address. After receiving the above-mentioned confirmation, the Sales Contract on the Commodities ordered by the Customer is automatically concluded.
4. The Sales Contract is concluded in Polish language, in accordance with the herein Terms and Conditions.
5. In case of doubt concerning an error in the order placed by the Customer, NAH-NU shop reserves the right to make call or send email in order to verify the order. In the absence of opportunities to contact with Customer within 3 working days, the order can be canceled by NAH-NU.
6. Shop NAH-NU stipulates the right to withdraw from the contract and cancel the order for important reasons, after informing the customer.
7. Customer has a right to resign the order. In this case, the customer should immediately inform the shop NAH-NU about the resignation via email or phone.
1. For the duration of the Sales Contract consists of performance of the contract by the shop NAH-NU, plus the time of courier delivery.
2. The order delivery time in the shop NAH-NU is 1 to 5 business days. In exceptional cases, the delivery time is confirmed by phone or email upon contact with the Customer.
3. The order delivery date for an individual order (made-to-measure) will be agreed upon individually by email or phone with the Customer.
4. In the case of lack of capacity for complete the contract within the specified time due to reasons beyond, the company NAH-NU contact the Customer to determine the further course of action.
5. The process of order delivery may be delayed until the payment is credited to NAH-NU's account.
6. Commodities are delivered to the address indicated on the form only by the courier company. Shipping charges are provided during the process of placing an order.
7. Estimated delivery on Polish territory is 1 to 2 business days.
8. Foreign delivery time is each, separately determined and depends on the country to which the package will be delivered.
9. During reception the parcel, Customer is obliged to carefully check in the presence of the courier completeness of the order and outer condition of packaging. In the case of damaged shipment, Customer is obliged to draw up damage report, together with the courier, in two identical copies signed by Receiver and courier.
1. Information about the purchase price on the shop NAH-NU is provided on its website and it is binding. The above-mentioned price is not subject to change, regardless of changes in the prices in the shop NAH-NU that may arise after the order confirmation.
2. All product prices of items at NAH-NU shop are listed in Polish currency (zł) and are gross (brutto).
3. The prices of items do not include the cost of shipping the ordered products.
4. On the request of Customer, for each order will be issued an invoice. By making purchases in the NAH-NU shop, Customer consents to issue the invoice document without his/her signature and accept to deliver the invoice with the purchased products or send it via email.
5. Customer pays the price for ordered products, according to their choice, by bank transfer - directly to the account of NAH-NU Katarzyna Skorek or via electronic payment executed in the payment system Dotpay. In the second option, the settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out through the Settlement Centre Dotpay.
6. No receipt of payment within 3 days after placing an order may result in cancellation of order by NAH-NU company.
7. Company NAH-NU stipulates the right to change prices of products, introduce or cancel new Commodities for sale, or modify them; perform and call off promotions on NAH-NU shop website.
1. Customer can file a complaint for every product purchased at NAH-NU shop, providing that the proper deadlines and conditions of filing a claim were met, if the Commodity is faulty.
2. If the Customer notices that the product which have been received does not comply with the order or has manufacturing defects, has the right to lodge a complaint.
3. In the case of exercising this right, Customer must return the goods under warranty by courier company to the shop NAH-NU at the address indicated in section I.2., together with a description of the reasons for the complaint.
4. The Customer will receive a decision on whether or not the claim has been accepted within 14 days from the date of shop NAH-NU receiving the parcel. Should the claim be accepted, shop NAH-NU will send to the Customer a replacement full value product, repaired or new within 14 days' time. If that solution turns out impossible, if the product is out of stock, then NAH-NU will provide a full refund for the purchased Commodity to the Customer.
5. Shop NAH-NU stipulates a right to 14 day period of consideration the complaint from the date of receipt the commodity from the customer. Shall the complaint be denied, the commodity together with an opinion about groundlessness of the complaint will be sent back to the Customer.
6. In the event of a finding by the Customer damage to goods during transportation, the Customer should draw up a report of damage in the presence of courier. The claims arising from the damage to the goods during transport will be considered on the basis of the damage protocol drawn up and signed by the customer and courier
7. Customer has the right to withdraw from the Sales Contract within 14 days' time, counting from the date of receiving the Commodity, without giving any reason, by submitting a statement in electronic form to the following address: or in writing to the address indicated in point .I.2. At that time, in the event of withdrawal from the contract, Customer should send an email notification of the wish to withdraw from the contract to: Next, Customer should send the product to the address of the shop NAH-NU by courier within 14 days’ time counting from the date of sending the email notification. A return invoice must be accompanied by a purchase invoice, a written statement of withdrawal from the contract together with the order number and Customer account number for which the NAH-NU shop will return the payment. The money will be sent back to the given Customer account number within 14 days’ time from the date of receipt of the goods. If the payment was made using a payment card, the refund will be made to the same card.
8. Shop NAH-NU does not accept items to be returned by Cash on Delivery (COD).
9. The cost of returning the items to the seller shall be borne by the customer.
10. Resignation may be made of all or part of the Sales Contract.
11. Shop NAH-NU has the right to refuse to accept the returned Commodity in case of return used or damaged Commodity, return made later then described in section VI.7 or delivery the Commodity uncompleted.
12. Custom made Products (made-to measure) made according to particular requirements of the client or adjusted to meet his or her individual needs, cannot be exchanged or returned.
VII. INFORMATION CLAUSE – ART. 13 RODO (General Data Protection Regulation)
According to art. 13 par. 1 and par. 2 of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data from the date 27 April 2016 (RODO), I inform that:
1. Customer's personal data will be processed in order to making order / sales contract and  legal legitimate interests realized by the Administrator (complaints, claims, conducting direct marketing), and fulfillment of the legal obligation.
2. Customer’s personal data will be kept for the necessary period to complete the order, the warranty period and the expiration of the useful life date of these data, required by the provisions of the tax law and the provisions of the Polish Civil Code.
3. Customer has the right to access your personal data and the right to request correction, deletion or limitation of processing of own personal data - taking into account the restrictions resulting from RODO, in particular with art.17 par.3 RODO.
4. Customer has the right to lodge a complaint to Supervisory Authority, if he or she considers that the processing of personal data concerning his or her data violates the law.
5. The Website ( saves information in the form of "cookies", i.e. files placed on the user's computer. These files are used for profiling, i.e. the assessment of certain personal factors, in particular for the analysis or forecast of aspects related to personal preferences and interests, allowing the Website to be adapted to the needs of people visiting it many times. Each user can decide for himself or herself, how "cookies" are saved on his computer.
1. NAH-NU company will not make available to third parties any email addresses that have been forwarded.
2. Polish law applies to all the Sales Contracts at NAH-NU store.
3. To all matters unsettled by the herein Terms of the Regulations, the rules and regulations of the Polish Civil Code or other related to the services and functioning of NAH-NU store acts apply.
4. For any disputes, in accordance with provisions in force, the sole and exclusive jurisdiction shall reside with the appropriate common court with territorial jurisdiction.



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